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The THERABEANIE Cushion for People!

Dogs and Cats across the globe know of the benefits of a comfortable, polystyrene filled bed, so why not try The Therabeanie for People!

The Therabeanie could help your headaches, support your back while you are driving and/or sitting at home. It can also help aches and pains without medication.

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Help Headaches - Support Your Back - Assist Driving Position - Ease Aches and Pains

While we were living in Melbourne, Australia, Lucas - the original Barka Parka owner became the first hospital-visiting dog in Australia.

As well as giving a bean bed to Honey, the first hospital resident dog in the country, we made THERABEANIES and other shaped inserts for patients confined to bed, wheelchairs and long chairs. This helped to prevent pressure sores and the comfort these products provided was greatly appreciated.     Click on the images to enlarge:

For THERABEANIES we use the same Top Quality Polycotton Fabric as we use for our Barka Barka Bean Beds. The Virgin Bead Filling is Fire Retardant and the fabric has been treated in accordance with existing safety legislation.

The Colour Range is the same - The Combinations are yours -      Click Here for Available Colours

The Price of The Therabeanie is £24.50     Postage and Packing is £6.00 to The United Kingdom

                                                                                                                         Overseas: International Small Packet Rate

To order simply email us at:                   0800 096 2443 or +44(0)1458 211040

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